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Operation Superintendent - LNG PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara Sumbawa Barat NTB

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This position involves managing and coordinating various aspects of LNG Facility operations to ensure safety, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards.

Supervise development and implementation standard procedures and practices for the plant operation and maintenance.
Monitor, analyze, and evaluate plant performance in terms of efficiency, productivity, reliability, availability, health, environment, and cost.
Conducting review and recommend changes in operation and maintenance methods and in design of system, equipment or components to maximize assets life, minimize operating cost and optimize performance and strengthen health, safety and environmental standards.
Maintain the performance of existing plant operation and maintenance standards and benchmark against best practice.
Ensure emerging technologies and materials to ensure that LNG Facility plant operation and maintenance standards are aligned to best industry practice.
Evaluates the training needs of the operation personnel and coordinate with HR.
In relations with the function, he will act as WAKIL KEPALA TEKNIK if needed and requested by the KATEK.
Operational Planning

Develop and implement strategies for optimizing LNG Facility operations, taking into account safety, efficiency, and environmental considerations.
Collaborate with other departments to align operational activities with broader LNG Facility objectives.
Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Enforce a strong safety culture throughout the LNG Facility operations.
Ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations, industry standards, and environmental requirements.
Equipment and Facility Management

Oversee the maintenance and operation of all LNG Facility equipment, including LNG storage tanks, vaporizers, compressors, and associated infrastructure.
Coordinate preventive and corrective maintenance activities to ensure equipment reliability.
Emergency Response and Contingency Planning

Develop and implement emergency response plans to address potential incidents or accidents.
Conduct regular drills and training exercises to prepare LNG Facility staff for emergency situations.
Staff Management

Lead and manage a team of operations personnel, including shift supervisors, operators, and technicians.
Foster a positive and collaborative work environment.
Communication and Coordination

Liaise with other departments, such as maintenance, safety, and engineering, to coordinate activities and resolve operational issues.
Communicate with external stakeholders, including suppliers, regulators, and emergency response agencies.
Budget Management

Assist in the development of the operational budget and manage expenses to ensure cost-effectiveness.
Identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising safety or reliability.
Operational Efficiency

Implement best practices and process improvements to enhance overall operational efficiency.
Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess and improve LNG Facility performance.
Documentation and Reporting

Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, operational incidents, and equipment performance.
Prepare and submit regular reports on operational performance and compliance.

Holder of bachelor’s degree in chemical or mechanical or Gas Technology Engineering.
Advanced degree or relevant certifications would be preferred.
Holder of valid Pengawas K3 Migas Utama certificate would be preferred.
Extensive experience in LNG Facility or LNG Liquefaction operations or a similar process industry.
Previous experience in a managerial or leadership role.
In-depth understanding of LNG processes, equipment, and LNG Facility operations.
Familiarity with control systems, safety protocols, and emergency response procedures.
Having sound Management Skills.
Good computer skills, be able to operate Microsoft Office, and any related plant software.
Good communication skill both verbal and in writing in English language.
Strong leadership and interpersonal skills to lead a diverse team and communicate effectively with stakeholders.
Ability to convey technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences.
Demonstrated commitment to safety and a thorough understanding of safety regulations.
Strong project management skills, including planning, execution, and resource allocation.

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