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Sales Manager Seven Secrets By Hanging Gardens Lombok Utara NTB

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Company Description: 

A luxury Seven Secrets by Hanging Gardens Resort in Lombok offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, world-class amenities, and personalized service. Whether you're looking for a romantic escape, a family vacation, or a rejuvenating retreat, Lombok's luxury resorts have something for everyone. Experience paradise at one of the best resorts in Lombok and create memories that will last a lifetime with us.

We’re seeking a qualified Sales Manager who can help keep this engine running with our sales team's skills to driven sales representatives. The ideal sales manager has deep experience with the entire sales process, excelling at lead generation, relationship building, and deal closing. We’re looking for a quick learner who has strong negotiating skills, someone with a successful track record who can inspire the same performance in others.

Key Responsibility:

Achieve growth and hit sales targets, design and implement a strategic business plan that expands company’s customer base and ensure its strong presence.
Build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs.
Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status.
Job Requirements:

Minimum 2 years in the same position at 5-star Luxury Resort with strong knowledge and skill related to the position.
Advanced knowledge of the principles and practices within the sales and hospitality profession.
Displays a proven ability in driving sales revenue particularly for Corporate, Wedding and Event market.
Excellent command of the English language both written and verbal, good presentation skills and confidence communication skill.
Team players, guest service oriented, open minded.

Pertanyaan dari perusahaan
Lamaran kamu akan mencakup pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut:
Berapa gaji bulanan yang kamu inginkan?
Berapa tahun pengalaman kerjamu sebagai manajer penjualan?
Apakah kamu berpengalaman dalam penjualan?
Bagaimana kamu menilai kemampuan bahasa Inggrismu?
Bahasa apa saja di bawah ini yang fasih kamu gunakan?
Pernahkah kamu mendapatkan pekerjaan yang membutuhkan pengalaman dalam relationship management?
Apakah kamu berpengalaman di bidang pelayanan pelanggan?
Apakah kamu bersedia bepergian untuk pekerjaan ini saat dibutuhkan?

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