Fire & Rescue Shift Leader (LNG Terminal) PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara Sumbawa Barat NTB

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Some of your duties will include:

To lead first response during emergency call such as LNG or Gas leak, fire event, fire alarm and prevention, emergency medical services (EMS) and rescue operation in LNG Terminal and Regasification facilities;
To maintain LNG firefighting equipment, apparatus, and fire station buildings;
To ensure compliance with his direct reports to SHLP, Personnel, and other PTAMNT policies and applicable governmental regulations
Assists the Specialist FES in implementing Emergency Response activities and programs.
Ensures compliance with company standard operating procedures.
Respond to reported emergencies such as fires, accidents, emergency medical incidents, and incidents involving hazardous materials.
Direct a company of firefighters to the scene, assess, and report on conditions at the scene, develop an action plan, assume command of all firefighting, rescue and public service operations of the company unless relieved by a senior officer.
Manage and perform emergency scene operation involving life-saving and property protection work; conduct size-up, resource request and assignment, confinement, extinguishment, salvage, and overhaul.
Performs or effectively recommends the hiring, transfer, suspension, motivate, promotion, discharge, assignment, reward, discipline, direction of work, and adjustment of grievances of subordinate personnel.
Perform administrative duties such as maintaining records, writing reports on the work activities such as fire and emergency reports, daily log book, equipment maintenance logs, and issue performance evaluations of probationary firefighters.
Support Sr Supervisor to conducts emergency response planning including: conducting research for the development of building pre-fire plans, conducting company building fire prevention inspections and familiarization, and assisting Fire Prevention with occasional fire inspections and other related duties.
Sr Supervisor to ensure proper maintenance and care of all equipment, apparatus, fire station and grounds; direct and participate in periodic inspection of same to ensure that all assigned equipment, apparatus, facilities, and supplies are in a state of readiness; ensure completion of proper maintenance, documentation and repairs.
Update and maintain current maps and charts; must be familiar with Department jurisdiction streets, intersections, fire hydrants, water mains, and sprinkler systems; take note of specialized and unusual conditions as required.
May propose new procedure to ensure effective and efficient SHLP Department.
May propose new initiative procedure or review STP to ensure effective and efficient.
Actively encourage and support team members to participate in decision-making processes and to assume responsibility and exercise initiative.
Apply continuous improvement techniques and processes to improve customer service.
Support coaching and mentoring for the development of workplace knowledge, skills and attitudes.
Provide recognition and feedback for workplace achievement in a timely and appropriate manner.
Conduct orientation, training, and practice drills in all phases of fire suppression and related activities to develop and maintain the capabilities, required standards, and readiness of firefighters;
Conduct training related to fire prevention, public education, accident prevention and department safety practices.
Perform related duties as assigned.

What skills and experience do you need?

Minimal Senior High School graduate or equivalent. Advanced degree or quivalent training at a technical or vocational school with a focus on Fire Science or or relevant certifications would be preferred.
Min five (5) years of career as firefighter experience.
Experiencedworking in Oil & Gas or LNG Plant would be preferred
Certified of Competency for Frontline Operational Supervisor of OHS.
Hold an operational inspector certificate or qualifications certificate in accordance with level of positions; poses relevant technical inspector certificate.
Basic principles, methods and techniques of fire suppression and prevention.
Basic methods, techniques and practices for hazardous materials mitigation;
Principles of mathematics, physics, chemistry and mechanics as they apply to fire science; rules and regulations as they pertain to fire safety; 
Methods and techniques involved in the operation of standard firefighting equipment and apparatus used in a developed urban environment; 
Basic principles of emergency medical care at the basic life support level; 
Safety practices and precautions pertaining to the work; proper lifting, carrying and climbing techniques.
Read and understand technical materials related to fire science;
Understand and follow oral and written instructions; 
Remain calm, make sound decisions and respond appropriately in emergency situations;
Maintain records and prepare clear and concise reports; maintain physical endurance and agility; perform mathematical calculations.
Principles and practices of effective employee supervision, leadership, including selection, training techniques and methods, firefighting public education and awareness and work evaluation;
Emergency medical techniques
Report writing and form procedures.
Fire fighter Level C and Level 1 (Oil & Gas) from Government Certification 
First Aid Level III from accredited training institution.
Competent at all field described in FES Training System including but not limited to the following: Firefighting Operation; Technical Rescue; Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus; Hazardous Material Response; Confined Space Rescue; Marine Oil Spill Response; Under Water Rescue; Collapse Structure Search & Rescue; Land SAR; Motor Vehicle Accident Rescue; Vertical Rescue; First Aid and Victim Care
Maintain physical fitness level necessary in serving as fire fighter and participate in regular fitness assessment.
Basic spoken and written English language
Maintains a valid car driver's license.
Willing to be based at site with roster schedule

Please be aware of certain frauds or misinformation regarding recruitment advertising on behalf of AMMAN We never ask for any payments whatsoever from applicants or candidates during the recruitment process. We never ask applicants or candidates to use specific travel agent services to make arrangements for transportation and accommodation during the recruitment process.
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