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Job Overview:

We are seeking a skilled and experienced Control Room Operator to join our LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for monitoring and controlling all aspects of LNG plant operations from the control room, ensuring the safe, efficient, and reliable production of LNG.

Key Responsibilities:

Operations Monitoring:

Monitor LNG plant operations using DCS (Distributed Control System) and other control systems.
Ensure all processes are running within specified parameters and make adjustments as necessary.
Maintain continuous surveillance of process variables, equipment status, and alarms.
Safety and Compliance:

Adhere to all safety protocols, procedures, and regulations.
Respond promptly to emergency situations, alarms, and incidents, taking corrective actions as needed.
Conduct regular safety checks and inspections of the control room and related systems.
Process Control:

Optimize plant operations to maximize production efficiency and minimize downtime.
Coordinate with field operators and maintenance personnel to ensure smooth operations.
Implement start-up, shutdown, and operational procedures as required.
Data Recording and Reporting:

Maintain accurate logs of plant operations, process changes, and incidents.
Prepare and submit operational reports to supervisors and management.
Analyze operational data to identify trends and areas for improvement.
Communication and Coordination:

Communicate effectively with plant personnel, including engineers, field operators, and maintenance teams.
Coordinate with other departments to ensure alignment and smooth operations.
Provide support and guidance to junior operators and assist in their training.
Equipment Monitoring:

Monitor the performance of equipment and machinery, identifying any abnormalities.
Initiate maintenance requests and coordinate with the maintenance team for repairs.
Ensure all control systems and instrumentation are functioning correctly.

Diploma or equivalent; a technical degree or certification in a related field is preferred.
Minimum of 5 years of experience as a control room operator in LNG or related industry.
Strong understanding of LNG production processes and equipment.
Proficiency in using Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and other control room software.
Excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills.
Ability to work under pressure and handle emergency situations effectively.
Strong communication and teamwork skills.
Knowledge of safety regulations and practices in the LNG industry.
Preferred Qualifications:

Technical degree or certification in Process Technology, Chemical Engineering, or a related field.
Experience with advanced control systems and software.
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