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Specialist Medical Site PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara Sumbawa Barat NTB

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Some of your duties will include:

Organizing, managing, and delivering healthcare programs that follow the applicable regulations, recognized practices, and procedures, align with the company's core values, and comply with prevailing laws and regulations.
Understand the company's health benefits, insurance policies, and referral system.
Reading procedures, flow process, and guidelines, including regulations & best practices, to ensure that clinic operations & site health programs meet the qualities of the COMPANY expectations.
Consistently meets or exceeds expectations for departmental standards related to Quality, Service Level, Call Goal, and other KPIs.
Liaise with other departments and sections, including external parties, e.g., hospitals and insurance companies, to ensure the proper site referral system.
Coordinate, supervise, monitor, and maintain ongoing tracking and appropriate documentation on all steps of the referral process.
Receive visiting employees/dependents and provide them with necessary assistance.
Discuss with the referral patient by email, telephone, WhatsApp, face-to-face, or other applicable recognized media by the company and provide information.
Provides information on the claim process, policy changes, benefits, and payment modes/methods
Maintain strong client relationships with employees and dependents.
Take calls from patients and in charge of offering necessary assistance to employees and dependents.
Analyze employees' and dependents' complaints, communicate, escalate, and communicate.
Record all conversations with patients, including details of inquiries or complaints (managing database) and action steps.
Recommending any necessary adjustments and changes in all business flow processes, including procedures & guideline 
Keep accurate documentation, perform analysis (including maintaining the available database) & create a report for the medical advisor. 
Assist health advisor/manager in monitoring the quality aspects of a site referral program.  
What skills and experience do you need?

Bachelor's degree in Nursing/public health, Healthcare, related field or equivalent solid experience.
Minimum one year's experience in a hospital/clinic setting or similar experience in managing & monitoring patients.
Understanding all Indonesia health regulations.
Basic understanding of healthcare management.
Have basic knowledge about health insurance and customer service oriented.
Healthcare management and or sufficient training or experience related to hospital/health Insurance program qualities.
Advance in data analysis & statistic management skills.
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What's your expected monthly basic salary?
Are you willing to relocate for this role?
How many years' experience do you have as a Quality Management Officer?
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