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Lowongan Manager di Tea Shop Canggu Bali

Maret 22, 2024
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Loker Bali
Lowongan Manager di Tea Shop Canggu Bali
🌟 Manager in the Tea Shop Wanted! 🍵

📍 Location: Changgu (2 minutes from Batu Bolong Beach), Bali

🕒 Working Conditions:
💰 Decent and competitive salary based on interview results, paid twice a month (every 2 weeks).
⏰ Work schedule: 2 days on, 2 days off; 9 hours per shift (Tea room operates from 7 AM to 12 AM).
🏖️ Conveniently located in Changgu, just two minutes from Batu Bolong Beach.
👔 Work uniform provided.
📝 Official employment after a probationary period of 1 month.

🎯 Requirements:
Age: 18-30 years old (Bali natives preferred).
Fluent in conversational English (essential!).
Minimum 2 years experience as a manager in a reputable project in Bali.
Strong communication skills, ability to handle stress, and goal-oriented mindset.

📋 Duties:
Implementing sales plans.
Handling cash register operations.
Staff management: training, scheduling, documentation handling (contracts, suppliers).
Supervising team work and ensuring adherence to company standards.
Managing inventory, ordering, payment, and storage of supplies.
Maintaining cleanliness and providing excellent customer service.

Subject: "OFFICE-TEA SHOP" 📩

Join our team and be part of something special! ☕🌴

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