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Some of your duties will include:

Responsible to oversee and manage the Planning & Strategy Department, including scope, timelines, schedule, workflow, as well as staff management including matching planning & strategy staff qualifications, skills, training and availability to Planning tasks. 
Manage work planning and other related programs, as well as the impacts of technical specifications and regulatory requirements on planning. 
Provide overall leadership of Planning & Strategy team, including scope, timeliness, schedule as well as staff management.
Lead and manage the maintenance planning and condition monitoring group within the department to ensure efficient maintenance strategies in the aim of minimizing unscheduled breakdowns and maximizing equipment healthiness.
Act as a champion on safety, providing leadership of a proactive safety culture, disciplined implementation of safety systems, and high-quality application of critical controls in the aim of achieving Zero Harm.
Provide leadership on environmental performance, through proper implementation of the company’s Environmental Management System (EMS).
Oversee and manage work planning to control the planning and Planning & Strategy Department effectively (specifically includes oversight of the Long-Term Maintenance Strategies contractors and their sub-contractors) to ensure alignment amongst work planning activities.
Oversee Process Fixed Plant equipment, data, and determinants to ensure operational readiness.
Oversee the plant Master Equipment and configuration to be able to effectively plan work around plant operations activities and optimize outage work.
Oversee, manage, and participate in the planning functions of vendors and contractors assigned to perform work in the plant to ensure alignment amongst operating schedules.
Coordinate with Process Operations and Maintenance Managers for work planning to ensure alignment amongst plant operations and maintenance schedules.
Review Work Order Closures and develop Root Cause/ Common Cause and Failure Mode analyses to support plant safety, performance, and asset reviews.
Review clearance, tagging, and permit requirements for work orders to ensure align with work planning requirements.
Manage planning maintenance Corrective Action Program requirements to ensure compliance to work planning procedures.
Ensure that the supplemental workers are familiar and compliant with the Conduct of Maintenance to enforce maintenance planning standards.
Review and design as needed for PM’s and other recurring work orders and surveillances to ensure configuration status control.
Coordinate with Operations & Maintenance Departments to include required elements of work events currently underway in the plant.
Oversee the development, assembly, and review of all the work orders to be scheduled for plant work by Maintenance to ensure alignment of personnel, resources, and equipment.
Oversee the inclusion of work order requirements into daily work planning to ensure compliance with work management policies and procedures.
Oversee management of vendor and work plans and requirements to ensure process and procedural compliance and alignment with BNPP requirements.
Review and provide Vendor Manuals (VM’s), warranty documents, and other external documents and data in the development of work plans and work order media to ensure qualify of vendor work.
Provide assistance in managing site access requirements for specialized vendor computers and Measuring and Test Equipment (M&TE) devices when required to ensure vendor compliance to security requirements.
Review training and qualification credential requirements for maintenance staff to ensure alignment of staff skillsets and technical qualifications.
Track Planning & Strategy staff qualifications, skills, training and availability to create work orders with the proper staffing.
Observe and track staff accountabilities, including work progress, attendance, training, etc. to ensure organizational excellence.
Consult and track corrective actions assigned to Planning staff members to ensure completeness of corrective action mitigation measures.
Ensure the development of work plans and minimize backlog to maintain operational reliability

What skills and experience do you need?

An advanced degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or industrial engineering.
10-15 years of combined experience in the field of fixed plant maintenance and planning; An advanced degree or certification in Asset Management and/or Project Management.
Experience in managing condition monitoring regime of fixed plant equipment such as SAG mills, ball mills, slurry pumps, gearless motors, thickeners, well pumps, pipelines, etc.
Experience in generating maintenance budget and cost management of a complex process plant with more than 1,500 equipment.
Experience in contract management, in particular on contractor safety management and quality management of contracts.
Experience in the design, implementation, and use of SAP as an ERP platform; Experience in the design and execution of big-data analysis within the context of maintenance, improving planning, sequencing, and resource allocations.
Experience in driving continuous improvement projects in maintenance planning that results in safer and easier execution of equipment maintenance; Proven agility in responding to different situations, new challenges, and trial of new ideas; Embodies the spirit of growth and innovation through proven experience in continuous improvement in the field of maintenance and planning.
Government certification in POP and POM is advantageous; Experience in risk management, through risk assessments, JHA, and proper change management.
Experience in the development and implementation of management standards (ISO, etc.)




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