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Astra Graduate Program Batch 12

Here's what you are waiting for,
Astra Graduate Program is back!👏

Are you passionate in accelerating your career and be part of future leaders in Astra?
Astra Graduate Program 2023 is now hiring!🙌

Astra Graduate Program is open for fresh graduates or with 2 years of working experiences from any majors who are passionate to contribute on developing company's improvement.

This program will encourage you to experience wide exposure of the core management process in our 7 Business Lines. Trainee is challenged to show their best performance in Marketing, Finance, and Human Capital function.

In this program, you will be provided with:
1. In-class training with Astra and other professional development institute
2. Mentoring & coaching with Astra Executives
3. On-the-job training (improvement project assignment)

What are you waiting for? Apply now at ! ✨